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( L to R )

Andrew Upson, Sylvia Smallwood



Photograph 041 (1961)

( L to R )

(?), (?), Sylvia Smallwood


Photograph 042 (1961)

The 1961 Cricket Team

( L to R )

Back Row:

Freddie Mole, Keith Millichamp, (?), John Gregory, Elwyn 'Dickie' Davies, Peter Gibberd, Malcolm Kendrick, Dangerfield, Jesson

Front Row:

Timms, Trevor Boult, Tom 'Percy' Palmer, John Hookway, Alan Rose

Photograph 043 (1961)

( L to R )

Tony Williams, Peter Hayes, Dennis Fisher (deceased)


Photograph 044 (1961)

The 1962 Leavers Party

( L to R )

Dennis Wilkes, Frank Devine, Tony Locke


Photograph 045 ( 1962 )

( L to R )

Frank Devine, Peter Gibberd


Photograph 046 (1962)

Miss Muriel Reay (1934)


Photograph 047 (1934)

( L to R )

Dorothy Bradley (Price), Bob Hewson, Marjorie Yates, Marguerite Taylor (Tranter)

(Marjorie is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and is a cast member of the gentile TV series "Shameless")

Photograph 048 (1957)

Rear of the Main Building, 2002 (Moseley Road Swimming Baths in background)

Photograph 049 (2002)

Vic Turton in Assembly / Classrooms1955

(Courtesy Vic Turton)


Photograph 050 (1955)

( L to R )

John Riley, John Leaver, Dave Munn in Assembly / Classrooms1955

(Courtesy Vic Turton)


Photograph 051 (1955)

The Playground, 1955

(Courtesy Vic Turton)



Photograph 052 (1955)

Press cutting, 1955

(Courtesy Vic Turton)


Photograph 053 (1955)

Press cutting, 1955

( L to R )

(?), Simon Wilday

(Courtesy Vic Turton)

Photograph 054 (1955)
Photograph 055 (1954)

Letter informing parents of pupil's admission to MSA following the passing of entrance examination, 1955.

(Courtesy Tony Bradley '58)


Photograph 056 (1955)


Press cutting - Fashion Show organised by Miss Pearson, 1960.



Photograph 057 (1960)

Work by Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips was a pupil at MSA until 1955, and is acknowledged to be one of the four founding members of the Pop Art movement.



Photograph 058 (1955)


Peter Phillips MSA '55, and his wife Claude, who passed away Jan. 2003.

Press cutting, c1975





Photograph 059 (1955)  


Peter Phillips, Majorca 2003.



Photograph 060 (2003)  
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- promote and maintain, through exhibitions, reunions and other means personal contact between all former pupils and staff members of the Moseley Secondary School of Art, Moseley Road, Birmingham 12 England

- promote the restoration and continued maintenance of the Moseley School of Art building, and

- to promote the activities of members who are active in any of the fields of art and the crafts, by means of publicity, sponsorship and procurement of artist materials at discount rates



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