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Eileen attended the school between 1960-64 and now lives in Canada.


I currently live in the Village of Elm Creek, Manitoba, Canada just 30mins outside of Winnipeg which is Canada's 8th largest city. I live in a church.

This little, black and white country church and rectory date back to 1905 and is English built. It was originally owned by the Church of England and was called Holy Trinity Parish Church. I mention it because of its ties to England and for me, its the most beautiful place on the earth.

I came to Canada in 1974. I went to school two nights a week for 5 yrs and got degrees and diplomas in Architectural Drafting, Fine Arts and Industrial Drafting and Design. I had a decent career in drafting till 1986, however it lacked the creative element (I termed it office work ) and I decided to move on to the next leg.

In the summer I currently work in costuming and wardrobe on various American and Canadian movies which shoot in Winnipeg. Last year I worked on "Three's Company - Behind The Scenes" with Brian Dennehy . . . in wardrobe dressing cast members and extras. Then I sewed costumes for two members of cast: "Alice" and "Betty" in "The Atwood Stories" a 1940's biographical movie about Canadian writer Margaret Atwood.

This year we are doing "Shall We Dance" Richard Gere, lsabella Rossellini, Jennifer Lopez and I am in wardrobe. Following that are two period movies for which the sewing of costumes is required. I have learned lots from working with others who bring additional experience from working in the opera or ballet wardrobes.

In the winter I work wherever I can and continually produce pieces of art. As well, I became interested in 14th century history as well as the dress of the period. I returned to England in 2000 specifically to study The Black Prince Registers at Coventry Archive and to do some research at the Birmingham reference library. I toyed with the idea of living again in Bham but it was impossible to contemplate.

I wrote a concise history of "Edward Plantagenet The Black Prince" for the curator at the Cheylesmore Palace, Manor Yard, Coventry . Coventry Archive asked if I will write a lengthier history for them, which is near completion.

I make my living from pattern drafting, sewing and costuming., all skills which I learned first hand at Moseley School of Art.

I hope that others will share their experiences. It will be interesting to see what paths along the journey of life my fellow students have made and where they are now.


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The Moseley School of Art Association is an association formed to:

- promote and maintain, through exhibitions, reunions and other means personal contact between all former pupils and staff members of the Moseley Secondary School of Art, Moseley Road, Birmingham 12 England

- promote the restoration and continued maintenance of the Moseley School of Art building, and

- to promote the activities of members who are active in any of the fields of art and the crafts, by means of publicity, sponsorship and procurement of artist materials at discount rates


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