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Peter Hayes was selected to attend the Moseley School of Art at the age of 12, leaving in 1961 to become a student at the Birmingham College of Art.


He later travelled extensively throughout Africa, spending several years working as a ceramic artist and sculptor with a large number of tribes and village potters. He was intrigued that by the use of such limited technology and basic tools the craftsmen could produce such exquisitely beautiful surfaces.

He later discovered the same inherent skills during his extensive travels in India, Nepal, Japan, Korea and New Mexico, and tried to adopt the ideas he acquired during his travels in his own work.

Peter returned to the UK in 1982 and converted a toll house in Bath into a studio. Since then he has worked incessantly to develop his thoughts and ideas using many of the techniques and methods learned during his travels.

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Peter Hayes The Sculptor in His Studio (Oil on Canvas)



Sir Stuart Lipton has written of his work:

"I have known and worked with Peter Hayes for many years and very much enjoy his work.

Peter Hayes finds much of his inspiration in the landscape. In the surfaces of his pieces one can find motifs that he first developed after living and working in Africa. Since the mid-eighties Peter's work has changed greatly from that of a ceramic artist who might by loosely called a potter, to that of a sculptor who happens to use ceramics as his medium. Function has been changed for pure form.

Never standing still, he is constantly experimenting and developing his work.

This sculpture is instantly recognisable as his . . . very definitely of our time, but with reference to antiquity . . . to which we all respond."


His unique styles, techniques and innovative concepts have placed Peter Hayes at the very forefront of the international community of contemporary sculptors.


Solo Exhibitions    
  2002 New Millennium Gallery, St. Ives
2002 Running Ridge Gallery, New Mexico
2001 Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
2000 Anthony Hepworth Fine Art, London
2000 Contemporary Ceramics, London
1999 Graham Gallery, New York
1998 Galerie le Pignon, Netherlands
1998 Helgi Joensen Gallery, Norway
1998 Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
1997 The Next Wave, Aspidal Gallery, Nottingham
1997 New Millennium Gallery, St. Ives
moseley art school - peterhayes2
Group Exhibitions    
  2002 Peter Hayes & Brian Graham, Maltby Gallery
  2002 Peter hayes & Sandra Blow, Farnham, Surrey
  1992-2002 Art, Islington, London
  2001 Peter Hayes & Peter Joyce, Bournemouth Univ.
  1999-2001 Sculptural Objects and Functional Art, New York
  1993-2001 Sculptural Objects and Functional Art, Chicago
  1999 London Contemporary Art Fair
  1999 Secret Codes, Doll Anstadt Gallery, Vermont
  1999 International Contemporary Art Fair, London
  1999 Running Ridge Gallery, New Mexico
peterhayes - work1
  2002 Bronze Family Group, Witley Court, Worcester
  2002 Six Totems, Shackleton House, London
  2001 Mounted Pebbles, Smith Kline Beecham, London
  2000 Seated Bronze Figures, Prior Court, Oxon.
  1998 Four Figures, Taiwan Bank, Taipei
  1997 Totems, water sculpture, London
  1996 Water Sculpture, Private Collection, Marlborough
  1994 Stones, sculpture, Private Collection, London
  1994 Mounted Stones with Gold Circle, London
  1993 Pylons, London
  1993 Four Standing Stones, Norfolk House, London
Prizes & Awards    
  1998 Assistance Grant for Glass Study, SW Arts
  1994 Peers Award, National Potters Festival
Selected Public and Private Collections  
    Scottish National Gallery
    Museum of Modern Art, Jamaica
    Gardner Collection, Toronto
    Museum of Modern Art, Brussels
    Siber Collection, California
    JB Speed Museum, Louisville
moseley art school - peterehayes work2
    William Zimer Gallery, California
    Graham Gallery, New York
    Carlin Gallery, Paris
    Galleria la Peria, Switzerland
    Galerie le Pignon, Netherlands
    Galerie Arterre, Netherlands
    Crafts Council Gallery Shop, London
    New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, Surrey
    The Stour Gallery, Shipston-on-Stour, Warcks.
    New Millennium Gallery, St. Ives
    Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
    Anthony Hepworth Fine Art, Bath
    Running Ridge Gallery, Santa Fe
Professional Societies  
    National Artists Association
    Craft Potters Association
    Penwith Art Society
    Newlyn Art Society
    International Sculpture Centre




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The Moseley School of Art Association is an association formed to:

  • promote and maintain, through exhibitions, reunions and other means personal contact between all former pupils and staff members of the Moseley Secondary School of Art, Moseley Road, Birmingham 12 England
  • promote the restoration and continued maintenance of the Moseley School of Art building, and
  • to promote the activities of members who are active in any of the fields of art and the crafts, by means of publicity, sponsorship and procurement of artist materials at discount rates

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